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English Summer

English Summer
Iris Giclee print on Somerset Radiant White 500 x 500mm

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Paul Brown (UK / Australia) b 1947

Paul Brown studied at Liverpool Polytechnic, and then at the Slade School of Art, London, in the late 1970s. At the Slade he was part of a pioneering group, working with generative systems that would later become known as artificial life or 'alife'. This group of computer artists, including Chris Briscoe, created some of the early UK computer graphics companies. Brown was also involved in running early computer arts programmes in UK arts faculties, and has been involved in education since that time, as well as consultancy, writing, and of course in the creation of a personal artistic oeuvre. Brown moved to Australia in 1988 where he has become a central figure in the development of the electronic arts, both in that country and internationally.

Brown contributes regularly to international symposia and exhibitions and has artwork in many public and private collections. His visual explorations are algorithmically based, often starting with routines known as cellular automata.

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