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Harold COHEN      

AARON painting 1995


Harold Cohen (UK) b 1928

Harold Cohen, former director of the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA), was an English painter with an established international reputation when he went to the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) in 1968 for a one-year Visiting Professorship. His first experience with computing followed almost immediately. Cohen is the author of the celebrated AARON program, an ongoing research effort in autonomous machine (art making) intelligence which began when he was a visiting scholar at Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence Lab in 1973. Together, Cohen and AARON have exhibited at Tate Gallery (London), the Brooklyn Museum (New York), the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam) and many more of the world's major art spaces. They have also been shown at a dozen science centers, including the Ontario Science Center, the Boston Science Museum and the Los Angeles Museum of Science and Industry. Cohen represented the US in the World Fair in Tsukuba, Japan, in 1985. He has a permanent exhibit devoted to his work in Boston's Computer Museum.

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