Digital Art Museum
Herbert W FRANKE    

Images from 1953 to 1973

This page shows a selection of Franke's work in monochrome. The earliest pieces are experiments with oscilloscope-type images, in an uncanny parallel with the work of Ben Laposky. It is worth pointing out another coincidence of the development of computer art in the US and Germany: the first computer art exhibitions in the world were held in 1965, in the cities of New York and Stuttgart.






Lightforms (in cooperation with Andreas H´┐Żbner) - 1953-1955



Oscillogramm - 1956



Electronic Graphics - 1961/62



CAES (Curves, aesth.) Series, in cooperation with Peter Henne - 1969



DRACULA Series - 1970/71 - computer-graphics based on "Dragon curves", a fairly new discovered form of mathematical fractals.

Rotationen, Projection 1970/71 - the images are based on interactively controlled motions in perspective view. This kind of animation sequences were used for the "Laser" ballet which was performed on the experimental stage of the bavarian state opera .



Animalfaces Series - 1972 - computer-generated images (measurement diagrams) were used for creating photomontages.



Dragoncurves, photographically transformed by Wolfgang Siebig - ca. 1973