Digital Art Museum
Herbert W FRANKE    

Images from 1953 to 1973

This page shows a selection of Franke's work in colour.



Einstein Series - ca. 1975 - a portraitfoto of Albert Einstein that was digitalised and transformed.



Green Series - ca. 1975



Colorraster 75 - 1975 - an edition of the pictures was printed with one of the first ink jet printer available in Europe.


Cascade - 1978 - Live transformation of music into graphics: the underlying program for a Apple II GS converts sounds in relation to the frequencies into pictures.




Mondrian Series - 1980 - phase pictures from an interactively controllable operational sequence with soundeffects - a work ordered by the Texas Instruments company as basis for a program module.



Citylights Series - 1980




Hommage à E.M. - 1989 - real time distorted ballet scenes are the basis for a performance dedicated to Edwaerd Muybridge. Premiere was at the artware in Hannover.