Digital Art Museum
Herbert W FRANKE    

Images from 1979 - 1992

The images on this page were produced with different types of PC, and photographed from the screen.

The works shown here demonstrate once again Franke's wide-ranging interests, which include the use of random-number generators, image-processing, numerically-controlled machine tools, iterative techniques, fractals and even a series of experiments with music produced on the self-constructed wind instrument of colleague Bruno Spoerri.






Trapezoid Series- real time controlable image sequences in endless loops - the shape changes randomly.



Bananas - the source image, a X-ray soft jet admission, was submitted to similar processes of picture transformation, as they are used during the evaluation of aerial photographs.



Fractals - results from experiments with fractal representations.



Chip Universe - graphic-cinematic composition as basis for a Live music improvisation. It premiered 1983 with Bruno Spoerri playing on self-designed wind instrument.



Programmed Relief - documentation of an attempt for the employment of a program controlled milling machine to create a relief picture.



Iterations - results from experiments with iterative processes.



Butterfly - a software controlled animation with random influence.