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The artistic use of computer graphics is not the most important, but the most interesting purpose of digital systems. Here is the field to prove new ideas and to introduce new methods. The occupation with the new instrument in an experimental way opens possibilities of expression in an unconventional manner, and the results are of high value both in art as well as in more practically orientated regions. This is one of the facets of digital graphics: a bridge between art, technology, science - and daily life.

When I startet my first attempts with computer graphic systems to discover the unknown territory of its artistic utilization, I had to deal with geometric elements and arithmetic curves, and the results seemed simple and primitive. It was more the new way of approach than the results itselves, that let hope for an evolution running in the direction for becoming a general tool of visual arts - and arts in general.

Nowadays, it is easy to see the straight progress, and in this situation the negative criticism coming from conventionally orientated art historians, being a strong obstacle in these old days, has become past.

I was working with programmed and instrumental visual art, beginning in the Fifties, and I was going the way from analogous to digital computing, from mechanical plotters to the screen with high resolution and a large colour palette, from two to three dimensions and even to animation; but still today I am feeling the fascination for the new type of visual art. The perfection of a technique during a period of only forty years seems incredible, but taking a look at my several hundreds of pictures from 1956 until 1998 gives the impression not only of an artistical but also of a scientific progress. Still nobody should forget that also now the development of computer systems is not finished, and that means, that also the visual computer art is staying in a process of exploring and expanding. Exactly this situation lets computer graphic activities stay as much a challenge for creativity, as in all the years before.