Digital Art Museum
Herbert W FRANKE    

Collaborations with Horst Helbig 1979 - 1992






Fourier-Transforms - the first attempts with planar Fourier transforms already showed that it produces a variety of shapes, which were not inferior to fractals.



Technical Forms






Image Transformation: Elephant





Sceneries Series



Algebraic Representations






Spiral nebula - 1978
- a series of pictures based on complex transformations.



Principle K (in cooperation with Gottfried J�ger) - 1978
- under this title are three computer-generated picture series summarized for a cross fade projection, which was performed at a mathematician conference of the institute for interdisciplinary research in Bielefeld.



Cold Logic - 1978 - a picture series, which is based on logical operations. The pictures developed interactively to the music of J.S. Bach and were documented as music-accompanied animation on video.