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Jeremy Gardiner RCA      

Still from Purbeck


Jeremy Gardiner RCA (UK) b 1957

Jeremy Gardiner is Professor of Digital Arts at the London College of Music and Media. He graduated from the Painting School of the Royal College of Art (1980-83) in London and is a former Harkness Fellow of the Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Since 1982 he has incorporated digital media in his working process. He has exhibited worldwide and in 1987 received a New York foundation for the Arts Foundation fellowship and in 1988 an honorary mention for his work from the Prize Ars Electronica. He was a founding member of the computer graphics program at Pratt Institute of Art and Design in New York and Director of CyberArts at the New World School of the Arts in Miami. In 2003 he won the Peterborough Art prize for his virtual project 'Purbeck Light Years'.


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