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Ben Laposky's 'Oscillons,' US, (since 1950) and Herbert Franke's first experiments (Germany).

Date given by Jasia Reichardt as the start of (analogue) Computer Art (in The Computer in Art).




1st image-processed photo at National Bureau of Standards (US).




John Whitney Sr. uses analog computer to make art animation (US).




Exhibition: "Experimentale Asthetik" at the Museum fur Angewandte Kunst, Vienna, shows 'oscillons' etc. (Austria).




1st computer art competition, sponsored by US journal Computers and Automation, won in 1965 by Michael Noll (US), and in 1966 by Frieder Nake (Germany).

1st computer generated film by Edward E. Zajac (Bell Labs, US).

Charles Csuri makes his first computer generated artwork (US).


Sketchpad, a program for interactive computer graphics, presented by Ivan E. Sutherland at the Fall Joint Computer Conference. Work begun at MIT in 1961. First PhD thesis in computer graphics.




Poem Field by renowned animator Stan Vanderbeek and computer scientist Ken Knowlton (Bell Labs, US).




1st computer art exhibition, at Technische Hochschule in Stuttgart, organised by Frieder Nake, Michael Noll and George Nees (Germany).

1st U.S. computer art exhibition, at Howard Wise Gallery in New York. 'Computer generated Pictures' including Bela Jules and Michael Noll (US).

First three public exhibitions of computer art:
Feb. 5-19, Generative Computergrafik. Georg Nees. Studien-Galerie des Studium Generale, TH Stuttgart. Opened by Max Bense (Germany)
April 6-24, Computer-generated pictures. A. Michael Noll, Bela Julesz. Howard Wise Gallery, New York (US)
Nov. 5-26, Computergrafik. Frieder Nake, Georg Nees. Galerie Wendelin Niedlich, Stuttgart. Opened by Max Bense (Germany)




IBM awards Artist-in-Residence to John Whitney, Sr. (US).




Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) started in New York by by a group of artists and technical people including artist Robert Rauschenberg and engineer Billy Klüver (US)".




Cybernetic Serendipity: The Computer and the Arts exhibition, at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, curated by Jasia Reichardt (director of ICA and author of The Computer in Art) and advised by Max Bense (UK).

Csuri's Hummingbird purchased by Museum of Modern Art for permanent collection (US).

'Some more beginnings'-by Experiments in Art & Technology - Brooklyn museum (US).

Computer Arts Society formed as branch of the British Computer Society by John Lansdown (architect) and Alan Sutcliffe (pioneer of computer music) (UK).




SIGGRAPH, Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics, formed by ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery (was Special Interest Committee in 1967, initiated by Sam Matsa and Andries van Dam) (US)

CTG (Computer Technique Group) founded (Japan).

Event One, organised by the Computer Arts Society (John Lansdown), London (UK).

Generative Computer-Grafik, by Georg Nees, published (first doctoral dissertation on computer art, submitted to Universität Stuttgart, supervised by Max Bense) (Germany)




Worlds first museum based solo exhibtion of computer generated art; Manfred Mohr, Musee d'Art Modern, Paris (France)

Herbert Franke publishes 'Computer Graphics - Computer Art' (Germany).




Richard G Shoup creates SuperPaint, first complete 8-bit paint system at Xerox Palo Alto (US).




Hunger produced by Peter Foldes at National Research Council; wins Cannes Film Festival Prix de Jury award for animation (Canada).




Fractals - Benoit Mandelbrot (IBM, US)




'Artist and Computer', published by Ruth Leavitt (US)




'Sunstone' animation - Ed Emshwiller (NYIT, US)

First Ars Electronica, Linz (Austria).




Quantel introduces Paintbox (UK)




Harold Cohen exibits AARON work at Tate Gallery London (UK).


David Em works at Caltech's Jet Propulsion Lab (US).




Philip Perlstein uses paint system at NYIT


First Macintosh computer is sold; introduced with Clio award winning commercial 1984 during Super Bowl




Painting with Light - David Hockney, Howard Hodgkins, Sir Sidney Nolan, and Larry Rivers invited to use Qantel Paintbox for BBC TV series (UK).

Andy Warhol uses Amiga for self-portrait and portrait of singer Deborah Harry (US).

'Luxo Jr', John Lasseter, Pixar, shown at Siggraph that year (US).


Photoshop first written as 24-bit paint system by Thomas and John Knoll, working at Lucasfilm (US).




First International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Utrecht (Holland).

Art and Computers exhibition, Cleveland Gallery, Middlesborough, toured over the following 12 months (UK)




'Electronic Print' show at Arnolfini Museum in Bristol, curated by Martin Reiser (UK). 


Photoshop released for Macintosh (US).




First New York Digital Salon (US)




Mosaic introduces the WWW to desktop computers (US).




First CADE conference, Brighton (UK).




Colville Place Gallery opens, London (UK).




Digital Art Museum created by Wolfgang Lieser