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Frieder Nake (Germany) b 1938

Frieder Nake is Professor for Compter Graphics and Interactive Systems at the University of Bremen, Germany, and has had a long involvement with digital art. He and fellow pioneers A. Michael Noll and Georg Nees were the first who exhibited computer generated drawings in art galleries, in 1965 (Nees: February 65 at Studiengalerie TH Stuttgart; Noll: April 65 at Howard Wise Gallery, New York; Nake: November 65 at Galerie Wendelin Niedlich, Stuttgart). Primarily a mathematician, Nake's colored computer drawings in 1967, for example, explored the visual expression of series of matrix multiplications, imagery that has an undeniable artistic intention. Nake's account of Manfred Mohr's hypercube series also reveals fascinating insights into the relationship between mathematics and aesthetics. His book, "Ästhetik als Informationsverarbeitung" (Springer Verlag Wien, 1974) is one of the first in the area. He has contributed to all major exhibitions of computer art, including Cybernetic Serendipity in London (1968), tendencies 4 in Zagreb (1968), and the long lasting Goethe Institute show during the 1970s.


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