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Guillem Ramos-Poquí      

Self Portrait II. The Palimpsests of Memory II London 2003


Guillem Ramos-Poquí (Spain) b 1944

Guillem Ramon-Poqui studied Fine Art in Barcelona Fine Art School (60-65), post-graduate in Paris Beaux Art (65-66), Pratt Centre New York (67-68), Slade University College London (68-69), Royal College of Art London (84-86). PhD in Fine Art Painting at Barcelona University (1995).

In London, he was Head of Art at Essendine Art Centre (71-90), and then Head of Fine Art and Theoretical Studies at Kensington and Chelsea College (1990-2004).

Since 1995 he has devoted his artistic production almost exclusively to digital art: digital photomontages, exhibited in London regularly. His digital works relate to his collages and assemblages exhibited in Paris and London in the late 60's. His digital work of the 90's primarily deals with a critique of culture and society and later included a more metaphysical content. In 2001 he undertook an Open University commission: and a series of digital photomontages for the covers of books on Psychology.

A book about his work was published in London in 2001. Articles about his digital work have been published in The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Art Review, The Observer plus others.

He has exhibited his work widely in London, Paris, Barcelona and N.Y.


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