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Tony Robbin      

Lobofour 1982


Tony Robbin (US) 1943

Tony Robbin has worked in painting, sculpture, light, architecture, and computer art. His first solo exhibition in New York was at the Whitney Museum, in 1974. Since then he has had over 25 solo exhibitions and been in over 100 group exhibitions worldwide.

He was a founder of Pattern Painting, showing widely in the United States and Europe with this school. He became a programmer for visualizing 4d. The mathematics community led him to Quasicrystal geometry, a derivative of four dimensional geometry. He holds the patent on the application of Quasicrystal geometry to architecture, and has implemented this geometry within a large-scale architectural sculpture at the Danish Technical University in Lyngby, Denmark. Robbin has lectured and written widely on the idea which is now studied in architecture schools, primarily in Europe.

He has written articles for peer review publications, and lectured worldwide to professional organizations and university departments of art, physics, mathematics, computer science, and architecture.

He is a founding member of the Working Group on Structural Morphology of the International Associations of Shell and Space Structures (IASS).

Robbin has worked exclusively with paint on canvas being convinced that painting is the most powerful of media, and now holds a body of these new paintings.

Robbin is the author of 'Fourfield: Computers, Art & the 4th Dimension' and also 'Engineering a New Architecture'

His third book is forthcoming from Yale University press Spring 2006. He has also contributed to: 'Beyond The Cube' by J. Francois Gabriel, a collection of essays on engineering, and Visual Mind II, to be published in 2004.


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