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Olga Tobreluts (Russia) b 1970

Olga Tobreluts studied architecture at the State College of Architecture in Leningrad (1986-88) and completed a course in computer graphics at the Institute ART+COM (Berlin) in 1989. Her early work was focused on the study of ornaments and video production. Since 1994 she has been working as a digital artist. She has exhibited in Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Norway, Holland, Finland, Slovakia in numerous group and solo exhibitions. In 1998 she won the second prize in competition GRIFFELKUNST "Best European Computer graphics" in Hamburg. Olga Tobreluts lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Olga Tobreluts belonged to the New Academy of Fine Arts founded in St. Petersburg by Timur Novikov. Articles about her works appeared in Wired, Observer, Art Review and in numerous art catalogues. "Emperor and Galilean" art book published in Oslo in 2003 presents her latest large project comprising 53 pictures based on Ibsen's drama. The book includes articles by Bruce Sterling, Edward Lucie-Smith, Olesya Turkina, Victor Mazin and other prominent art critics.


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