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Quantum Realities
Multi-Media Installation (2002)

The pool of water in this video installation creates a visual and emotional resonance for the video imagery projected into it. River pebbles surround the pond. The sound of rushing water in a stream permeates the installation space. As light flickers on the surface of the water the salmon glide on the surface of the water as well as swim through the eerie depths of the stream.

The video is projected from a projector on the ceiling of the gallery into the pool. The pool has white sand in the bottom and is surrounded by black river pebbles. The installation is 54 inches wide by 38 inches high by 3 inches deep


Rays of Light Exhibition, Lightology, Chicago, November - December
2002 .

FLATFILE Gallery, Chicago, May 2002.



Quantum Realities 1


Quantum Realities 2

Quantum-Realities-3 Quantum-Realities-4

Quantum Realities 3


Quantum Realities 4

Quantum-Realities-5 Quantum-Realities-lightson

Quantum Realities 5


Quantum Realities - Lights on

Renascent Trajectories

Quantum Realities WMV Movie 3.6MB


Quantum Realities QT Movie 12 MB