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Born 1956

1981-83 University of London Goldsmiths College MA (CNAA) Fine Art
1976-79 University of Oxford Ruskin School of Drawing, CFA (Oxford)

Kerry John Andrews

Kerry John Andrews MA (Goldsmith's) is a visiting lecturer in Art and Design at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. He is a practicing fine artist and composer and has exhibited continuously since 1983 in Britain, Europe and the USA.

Kerry is a director of Persistent Objects Ltd and is a co-founder and designer of the Digital Art Museum [DAM]. In 1996 he founded the Forum London Composers Group which promotes and publishes the work of more than 80 member composers and musicians. As part of the Forum initiatives he founded the All Ears Contemporary Music Festival in London in 2004. He has studied musical composition and performs contemporary music throughout England.

As an artist and composer he works through various media, including drawing, digital media, installation, sound and music, to explore ideas about time and the space of language and its relation to the physical world.


2004  addICT, Keynote speaker on the practice of Digital Art,
NSEAD Conference in ICT in art and design teaching, FACT Centre, Liverpool
2003 Digital Art in Education,speaker on the practice of Digital Art
Art and Design Teachers Conference, East Sussex
2002 Creativity and Embodied Mind in Digital Fine Art,AHRB conference
invited speaker on The Body and the 3 Dimensional Surface, Deluxe Gallery, London


2004 Electronic Art and Animation Catalogue, ACM SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH 04
2003 DVD Creativity and embodied mind in digital fine art AHRB Seminars
  CD Deluxe Gallery Portfolio 03
  Music for Modern British Art, Tate/COMA
2002  Poetry Review, Vol.92 No 3, Autumn 2002
  Shaping Up, Computer Arts Special, issue 29 2002
1999  : (to), exhibition catalogue, 1999, Colville Place Gallery

Selected Exhibitions/ Installations

2005 International Digital Art Awards (IDAA), Australia, USA, Russia, India, touring show
  CREAC, UH Gallery, University of Hertfordshire, England
2004 SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles, USA
  Out of the Blue, UH Gallery, University of Hertfordshire, England
2003 Cocktail II, Deluxe Gallery, London
  Dorset Digital Arts Festival, Bournemouth, England
2002 Creativity and Embodied Mind in Digital Fine Art, seminar exhibition, Deluxe Gallery, London
  European Technology Fair 2002, Frankfurt, Germany
  Cocktail, Deluxe Gallery, London
  Kunst Frankfurt 2002, Frankfurt, Germany
  Red Earth Series, Galerie der Gegenwart, Wiesbaden, Germany, solo show
  Kunst 2002, Zurich, Switzerland
  Art Innsbruck, 6. Internationale Kunstmesse, Austria
2001 Red Earth Series, Colville Place Gallery, London, solo show
  European Technology Fair 2001, Frankfurt, Germany
  Rich Picts 3, Greenham Common Arts, Newbury, England
  Raw Canvas, Aldwych, London
  Rich Picts 2, Colville Place Gallery, London
  Rich Picts 1, Colville Place Gallery, London
2000 European Technology Fair 2000, Frankfurt, Germany
  Digital Art 2000, Galerie der Gegenwart, Wiesbaden, Germany
  Art Fair, Hamburg, Germany
  Art Innsbruck, 5. Internationale Kunstmesse, Austria
  Digital Expressions, touring exhibition Wales
  Art for the Millennium, Colville Place Gallery, London
  Millennium Exhibition, Marks and Spencer Head Office, London
1999 :(to), Colville Place Gallery, London, solo show;
  European Technology Fair, Frankfurt, Germany
  The Contemporary Print Fair, Atlantis Gallery, London
  Fragmentation, PaperPoint Gallery, London
1998 Speakers, sound installation, NWAB Arts Science and Technology exhibitions, Mid-Pennine Gallery, Lancashire, solo show
  Vital Art 98, Atlantis Gallery, London Art House, London
1997  Ear as Eye, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, USA
1996  Cilntec and Austin Knight, London, corporate exhibitions for Artnet
1994  AAC Exhibition, Connaught Brown Gallery, London
  Rexel Derwent Drawing Exhibition, Cheltenham and Gloucester CHE
1993  Drawings, The Centre Gallery, Covent Garden, London, solo show
  Drawings, Tricycle Theatre Gallery, London, solo show
  The London Connection, Stansell Gallery, Taunton, Somerset
  AAC Exhibition, Connaught Brown Gallery, London
1991  1st International Artists Plener, Oxford and Sutton Courtenay
1990  New Wapping Art Show, Collectors Gallery, London
1988  Untitled, Installation, Unit 7 Gallery, London, solo show
1987  Instalment, 5 British Artists, Plan K Gallery, part of A British Season, Brussels, Belgium
1986  From the Field, Installation, The Showroom, London, solo show
  Dialogues, Artists Research Group Haworth Art Gallery, Lancashire
1984  Islanders, Installation, The Showroom, London, solo show
1983  Paintings, Sculpture, Objects, Video, Woodlands Art Gallery, London

Selected Performances (composer)

2004  Wonderful Night (2004), All Ears Contemporary Music Festival, London, 22/9
2003  phrase transcriptions (2003), Forum Concert, St John's, London, 20/9
  Meditation (2001), St John's, London, 19/7
  Lure (2003), Royal Academy of Music, London 12/4
2002  V, Eight lines from Burnt Norton (2002), St Cyprians Church, London. 2/12
  Machine Code (2002), Music for Modern British Art, Tate Liverpool, 26/10
  Heidelberg/Ulm Meditation (2001), St Cyprians Church, London, 6/6
2001  Elements (2001), IXION Ensemble concert, Bretton Hall, Yorks, 24/7
  Heidelberg/Ulm Meditation (2001), BMIC London, 21/6
2000  Piano Field; Lontano (2000), Bretton Hall, Yorkshire, 27/7
1999  for Andrea part 4 (1999), Conway Hall, London, 28/9
1998  for Andrea parts 1&2 (1997-8), BMIC, London
1997  ...but the sound... (1997), State of the Nation, Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, London, 16/2 Brighton Festival, St Johns Church, Brighton
  Oxford Contemporary Music Festival, Jacqueline Du Pre Music Building, Oxford
  Tuning no 1, (1997), Keep 5, The Arthouse, London, 1/6
  Versus (1997), Bretton Hall, Yorks
1996  Quartet no 3 (1996) Bretton Hall, Yorks, 30/7
  Informal Music no 1 (1995) and Terremoto (1996) Morley College 31/5
1995  Synthetic Music (1994) and Komputations (1995), Holst Room, Morley College, 16/6
  Yorkshire Sculpture Park, COMA Ensemble, 12/9, (performer/ composer)

Concerts/ Broadcasts/ Recordings (performer)

2004  Christian Wolff 70th Birthday concert, London, 29/10
  Spitalfields Festival, London, 19/6
2002  Tate/COMA Liverpool concert, Liverpool, 26&27/10
  Not-in-our-Name, Union Chapel, London, 14/9
  Spitalfields Festival, Christ Church, London, 22/6
2001  Spitalfields Festival, London, 16/6
  State of the Nation, QEH, South Bank Centre, London, M Hayes 22/4
2000  State of the Nation, QEH, South Bank Centre, London, D Gribbin 15/4
  Hoxton New Music Festival, London, Cardew, Norgard
  Oxford Contemporary Music Festival, Jaqueline Du Pre Music Room, H Skempton
  CD recording of Plain Harmony, M Finnissy, released on COMA Studio label
1999  State of the Nation, QEH, South Bank Centre, London, P Cashian 11/4
1998  American Music Festival, Barbican Centre, London, Musicircus John Cage, 24/10
  ISCM Festival concerts, Manchester, 1 The Sinking of the Titanic Gavin Bryars; 2 works by Montague, Finnissy, Per Norgard; RNCM Concert Hall
1997  State of the Nation, Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, London, 16/2
1996  Huddersfield Festival, works by Toovey, Finnissy. 1/12
  Brighton Festival fringe concert, 5/6
  Spitalfields Festival, 11/6
  BMIC, London, Epilogue (the Bell), D Penri-Evans, 18/1
1995  Huddersfield Festival, COMA concert; works by Riley, Finnissy, 18/11
  BBC R3 broadcast: The Great Learning, Cardew, 17/5
  CD recording of Symphony for Voices, D Runswick
1994  ICA, London, Scratch Orchestra 25th anniversary concert, LaMonte Young, Christian Wolff
  Spitalfields Festival, London