Digital Art Museum


The books listed here are some of the texts crucial to digital fine art since 1968. Some of the earlier editions are now out of print, but should be available through good libraries or book searches.

1968 Jasia, Reichardt Cybernetic Serendipity Praeger, New York
1971 Herbert W. Franke Computer Graphics - Computer Art Phaidon
1971 Jasia, Reichardt The Computer in Art Studio Vista, London
1976 Ruth, Leavitt (Ed.) Artist and Computer Harmony Press
1980 J. Whitney Snr. Digital Harmony McGraw-Hill, Peterborough, NY
1985 Mark Wilson Drawing With Computers Putman / Perigee
1988 Cynthia Goodman Digital Visions Harry Abrams, New York
1988 David Em and David A. Ross The Art of David Em Harry Abrams, New York
1991 P. McCorduck Aarons Code - Meta-Art, Artificial Intelligence, and the work of Harold Cohen Freeman, New York
1992 Lillian Schwartz and Laurens Schwartz The Computer Artist's Handbook WW Norton
1992 S. Todd and W. Latham Evolutionary Art and Computers Academic Press
1993 Frank Popper Art in the Electronic Age Harry Abrams, New York
1998 Anne Morgan Spalter The Computer in the Visual Arts Addison Wesley