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Franke and Helbig    

Generative Mathematics: Mathematically Described and Calculated Visual Art

Herbert W Franke (scientist and artist), D-8195 Puppling, Haus 40, Germany.

Hosrt S Helbig (physicist, computer scientist), Muehlaustr. 14 Schondorf, Germany

One of the main functions of the computer is the graphic display of results. Through the use of the computer, the visualization of mathematical relations can lead to new ways of comprehending mathematics. In addition, the resulting images can be remarkably attractive. The authors show how mathematics can be used as a tool for the creation of artistic images. They present examples of methods that illustrate how long-established relationships between art and mathematics can be brought up-to-date.

This paper is published in Leonardo, Vol 25, No 3/4, pp. 291-294, 1992.

Permission to reproduce this paper is kindly granted by the authors and Leonardo.



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