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Ruth and Jay Leavitt    

Pictures Based on Computer Drawings Made by Deforming an Initial Design

The authors are interested in making nonfigurative pictures that convey a feeling of motion. The pictures are based on selected computer drawings that are made by the deformation of initial designs.

An initial design is a composition made up of a pattern of repeated units. Deformations are accomplished by applying displacement vectors, simulating deforming forces, at chosen locations in the design such that the points defining each of the units are displaced. Points closest to the tail of a vector are displaced most, in accordance with an assumed mathematical rule. The authors discuss their motivation for this work along with the computer program that they use.

Four serigraphs and a computer drawing made on the basis of the computer output from three rather different series are discussed. Several novel ideas for investigation hr the future are indicated.

This paper is published in Leonardo, Vol 28, No.2, pp. 113-121, 1995.

Permission: sought.



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