Digital Art Museum
Laurence GARTEL    

Abstract Series

This body of work was started in 1981 while working at an animation house in New York City called Digital Effects. They were working on large VAX systems and had the very first Video Palette where one could touch on a tablet and activate various drawing commands. From there I worked on an turn key system called an Artron Studio Computer. The company was located in South Plainfield, New Jersey. This was a self sufficient system which was both hardware and software proprietory. At the time, this computer was able to work with millions of colors while having many capabilities that were not do-able on any personal computer. PC's only had seven colors at the time with very little memory capacity. The capturing of images were photographed directly off the monitor using a still camera on a tripod. The very basic element of a computer work called a pixel, lends a unique nuance to art history. No time in the evolution of creation did an artist behold so much choice. Six months later the advent of integrating a video camera into the computer system provoked further possibility. This in fact was the beginning of "high resolution" and "high thought".


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New York, New York Stage Door

New York, New York
Cibachrome Print
11" x 14"

Collection: Bruce Young, New York

Stage Door
Cibachrome Print
30" x 40"

Cubination 5000 Disco Ameba

Cubination 5000
Cibachrome Print
16" x 20"

Disco Ameba
Cibachrome Print
20" x 24"