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Laurence GARTEL    

South Beach

South Beach
1995 Ink-jet print 36" x 26"



Laurence Gartel (US) b 1956

Laurence Gartel graduated from the School of Visual Arts, New York, in 1977, and has pursued a graphic style of digital art since that time. His experiments with computers, starting in 1975, involved the use of some of the earliest special effects synthesisers, and early video paint programmes. While most of the Pioneers at Digital Art Museum started with programming, Gartel entered the field at a point in time where it had become possible to manipulate real-world images on a computer. His oeuvre therefore represents both some of the earliest artistic experiments with this technology, and a continuum with the present day where the technology is now ubiquitous. Gartel's work, with its origins in video systems, has a strong relationship with video art, and he happens to have worked with one of the video art pioneers: Nam June Paik.

Laurence Gartel essay Nuvo Japonica


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