Digital Art Museum
Laurence GARTEL    

Flowers Series

What could be more intriguing for subject matter than a flower? To many a flower is nature's most magnificent creation. Artists have attempted to capture its temporal beauty since the beginning of time. In more recent times artists like Sir Thomas Hart Benton to Andy Warhol have had the desire to put their personal stamp on this object. To do so, is to become one with Mother Earth.

In the case of myself as a computer artist, it is my goal to transform the flower into another composition and metamorphosize it, to become more of this world or perhaps possibly another. In a sense, it's like an American going to Australia and seeing different flora and fauna for the first time. It is a totally unique experience. The life of a flower is short lived. Its' beauty lasts only but a moment, thus capturing a flower in full bloom is to capture a frozen moment in time. One remembers only the positive energy. To transform a flower and make it art, is to attempt to give it longevity, so others con enjoy its highest brilliance of life for eternity. Art tries to endure nature.


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Electric Iris Mum

Electric Iris
Cibachrome Print
20" x 24"


Ink-Jet Print
40" x 30"

Purple Rose Water Lillies

Purple Rose
Dye Sublimation Print
8 1/2" x 11"

Collection: Eileen Berner, Germany


Water Lillies
Cibachrome Print
30" x 40"