Digital Art Museum
Laurence GARTEL    

Nude Series

Throughout history there has always been a fascination with the human figure. I am not sure if it is an internet quest of people to understand mankind or just the admiration for the external physical beauty. As an artist, one studies the great classics of renaissance sculpture and its desire for perfection. Art, beauty and holiness can merge into a spiritual experience. The Egyptian period was filled with documenting daily life in figurative form and exhalted its ruling leaders to monumental stature. It is in this time that the computer empowers me with the ability to transform the figure in unique ways. In theory, the concept is to give the human form a level of immortality. We look at the shape as beautiful but transgressed into "altered states". We must change our ideals about: "What is beauty?" Here on earth we must get rid of our prejudices of race and color. The computer can change and transform anyone or anything into something else. We must learn to open our heads to new ideas and new dimensions. Once this is achieved mankind will advance.


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Debbie French Nude

Cibachrome Print
24" x 20"


French Nude
Dye Sublimation Print
18" x 12"

Chic Reclining Nude 1

Cibachrome Print
20" x 24"


Reclining Nude 1
Cibachrome Print
20" x 24"