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Gerhard MANTZ    

Wohl Klar (Well Evident) 1996


Gerhard Mantz (Germany) 1950 -

Gerhard Mantz is one of the artists, who became interested in the computer and its possibilities, after being already established as a sculptor. He studied at the Academy of Arts in Karlsruhe from 1970-75.

He now creates his objects with the computer, independently of the restraints and limitations of the physical world. These objects, based on simple geometric forms, are developed as a computer-model and then materialized in the studio. But very soon he developed his virtual images, ambivalent between nature and artificiality. In the last years he added his Infinite Image Productions. Infinite Image Productions means a series of computer animations. In these animations a program produces images in the very moment you see them. While normal films play prerecorded pictures, these animations are spontaneous and endless. Every image is unique and will never return.

Infinite Image Productions is a model for the creative process. It shows how random functions within hierarchical structures create appealing images.


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