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Manfred MOHR    

Cubic Limit II (1975-1978)

In the second part of this work phase (1975-77), cubes are divided into two parts by one of the Cartesian planes. For each image the two partitions contain independent rotations of a cube. They are projected into two dimensions and clipped by a square window (the projection of a cube at 0,0,0 degrees). By rotating both parts of these cubes in small but different increments, long sequences of images are developed.


P-196-B P-197-K



P-200-N, Sequence of six paintings

P-200-N, Sequence of six paintings

P-200-N/1 P-200-N/2 P-200-N/3 P-200-N/4 P-200-N/5 P-200-N/6