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Roman VEROSTKO    

Cyberflower I

Cyberflower I
2000 Algorithmic pen and ink drawing 22" x 30"


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Roman Verostko (US) b 1929

Artist and historian Roman Verostko, was born in 1929 in the coalfields of Western Pennsylvania (USA). In the early 1980's, following 30 years of painting, he began executing algorithmic drawings with a pen plotter. Today his studio includes a network of computers coupled to pen plotters driven with his own original software. By 1987 he created the world's first software driven 'brushed' paintings with oriental brushes mounted on his pen plotter. His studio integrates coded digital procedure with fine art traditions. Verostko is one of the 'Algorists' group of computer artists.

Verostko essay Epigenetic Painting: Software as Genotype