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Born in Gunma, Japan, 21 June 1947
B.E. in Photographic Engineering from Chiba Univ., Japan
Principal fields of interest: Algorithmic Art, Stochastic process.

Yoshiyuki Abe

Movie/Photo Activities(1972-1983)

Assisted film directors, Nagisa Oshima, Hiromichi Horikawa and others, in their works of feature films and documentary films.
Directed short reel documentary films.
Photographer for promotion images of jewelry, etc.


1st place of 2D Graphics, Pixxelpoint 2000, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
1st place of Professional Fine Art, Eurographics '94, Oslo, Norway
Honorary Mention of Graphics, Prix Ars Electronica '92, Linz, Austria
Distinction of Graphics, Prix Ars Electronica '91, Linz, Austria
1st place of Art Slide, Eurographics '91, Vienna, Austria
Honorary Mention of Graphics, Prix Ars Electronica '90, Linz, Austria

Exhibitions (selected)

2003 aniGma, Novosibirsk, Russia
2003-04 ArCade IV, EICH gallery, Hull, UK, etc.
2002-03 Computerkunst 2002, Gladbeck Museum etc., Germany
2002-03 ArCade III - Russia, Novosibirsk, etc., Russia
2002 DAM, Oxford, UK
2001-02 ArCade III, Glasgow School of Art, etc., UK
2000 GA2000 exhibition, Polytecnico di Milano, Italy
2000 Pixxelpoint 2000, City gallery of Nova Gorica, Slovenia
2000 WRO2000@Kultura, Wroclaw University, Wroclaw, Poland
1999 Joyeux No´┐Żl '99, gallery Chika, Tokyo, Japan
1999 KINO-VISION, Kyoto Seika Univ., Kyoto, Japan
1999 Digital Art 1999, Columbus State University, Georgia, USA
1998-99 Computerkunst 98, Gladbeck Museum etc., Germany
1998 Email_Art 5, Bratislava, Slovakia
1998 Virtual Recombinants, Avenue Cybertheatre, Brussels, Belgium
1997 ISEA97 exhibition, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA
1997 WRO97 exhibition, BWA Awangarda, Wroclaw, Poland
1997 Email_Art_1_2_3, Museum of Art, Zilina, Slovakia
1997-98 ArCade II, Brighton Univ. etc., UK
1996 E-mail Art 3, Bratislava, Slovakia
1995 Computer Graphics exhibition, Rotterdam, Holland
1995 Zero 1, Noosa Gallery, Queensland, Australia
1995-97 ArCade, Brighton Univ. etc., UK
1994 Solo, Legend at Le Mont des Art gallery, Brussels
1994 ISEA94 exhibition, National Contemporary Museum, Finland
1994 Computer Graphics in Fine Art, Bratislava castle, Slovakia
1994-95 Computerkunst 94, Gladbeck Museum etc., Germany
1993 New York Digital Salon, NY Art Director's Club, New York, USA
1993 FISEA93 exhibition, MCAD Gallery, Minneapolis, USA
1993 Algorithmic Art Show, Xerox Gallery, Palo Alto, USA
1992 d'Art Infographique, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
1992 SICAF 92 art show, Seoul, Korea
1992 TISEA92 art exhibition, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, Australia
1992 The Grand Exhibition 92, Art54 Gallery, New York, USA
1992 Prix Ars Electronica 92 exhibition, ORF Studio, Linz, Austria
1992-94 Computerkunst 92, Gladbeck Museum etc., Germany
1991-92 SIGGRAPH 91 Art show, Computer Museum, Boston, USA
1991 Prix Ars Electronica 91 exhibition, ORF Studio, Linz, Austria
1991 SIGGRAPH 91 Art & Design Show, Las Vegas, USA
1990 SISEA Exhibition, Groningen, Holland
1990 Prix Ars Electronica 90 exhibition, ORF Studio, Linz, Austria