Digital Art Museum
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This is an archive of the Digital Art Museum for historical reference.
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Beyond the math visualization - Geometrica and Stochastica, Generative Art 2001 proceedings, Milan Polytechnic University, Italy, 2001
CG in Japan: A digital print maker's view, Computerkunst 2000 catalog, pp.9-11, Museum der Stadt Gladbeck, May 2000
Graphics Library in Turbo Pascal, PROCESSOR mag., pp.31-57, GijutsuHyoron-sha, Tokyo, July 1986

Official publications of Exhibitions/Symposia

Pixxelpoint 2000, web,, Dec 2000
WRO2000@Kultura catalog, WRO Center, Nov 2000
KINO-VISION : Media Art, Poster and Invitation card, Sept 1999
Digital Art 1999, web,, Apr 1999
Computerkunst'98 catalog, Stadt Gladbeck, Germany, June 1998
ISEA97 catalog, Art Institute of Chicago, USA
SIGGRAPH'97, Advance Program and Web(Illegal Use), ACM/SIGGRAPH, USA, 1997
ArCade2, web,, UK
WRO97 catalog, Open Studio, Poland, May 1997
Email_Art_1_2_3, web, Museum of Art, Zilina, Poland, Feb 1997
SIGGRAPH'97 poster, ACM/SIGGRAPH, USA, July 1996
COFAX'96 Postscriptum catalog, Slovakia, June 1996
ArCade, CDROM CADE95, Univ of Brighton, UK, July 1995
Solo Exhibition, poster and invitation, Le Mont des Art, Brussels, Belgium, Nov 1994
ISEA94 catalog, UIAH, Helsinki, Aug 1994
E-MAIL ART catalog, D&D Studio, Slovakia, May 1994
Computerkunst'94 catalog, Stadt Gladbeck, Germany, Apr 1994
FISEA, catalogue the Art Factor, MCAD, Minneapolis, Nov 1993
Algorithmic Art by Marshall Bern,, July 1993
SICAF'92 catalog, Korea, Dec 1992
Art Infographique catalog, ART3000, France, Nov 1992
TISEA catalog Cultural Diversity in the Global Village, Australia, Nov 1992
Der Prix Ars Electronica'92, ORF, Austria, June 1992
Computerkunst'92 catalog, Stadt Gladbeck, Germany, Feb 1992
SIGGRAPH'91 exhibition invitation, Computer Museum, Boston, Dec 1991
Ars Electronica'91, program, ORF, Linz, Austria, Sept 1991
Der Prix Ars Electronica'91, ORF, Linz, Austria, Sept 1991
Eurographics'91 catalog, p.23, Vienna Tech Univ. Vienna, Austria, Sept 1991
SIGGRAPH'91 artshow slide set, ACM/SIGGRAPH, USA, Aug 1991
SIGGRAPH'91 Computers in Art & Design, ACM/SIGGRAPH, USA, Aug 1991
SISEA exhibition catalog/slide set, RHG+SCAN, Groningen, Holland, Nov 1990
Der Prix Ars Electronica'90, ORF, Austria, Sept 1990

Commercial Publications included Feature Editorials and/or Image Plates

odra magazine, cover/editorial, Wroclaw, Nov 2000
Art poster Vibrant Drive, Le Mont des Art, Brussels, Belgium, Aug 1997
Slaves to the algorithm by James F. Walker, CGI mag., London, Aug 1997
Gazeta WROCLAWSKA newspaper, Culture edition, April 30, 1997
Gazeta WYBORCZA newspaper, WRO'97 edition, April 29, 1997
CHIP magazine 05/97 CDROM, Vogel publ., Poland, May 1997
PRINTMAKING TODAY magazine, Farrand Press, London, #2, 1995
BRABANTS DAGBLAD newspaper, Utrecht, The Netherlands, May 5, 1995
COMPUTER ARTIST magazine, Penwell pub., USA, Apr/May, 1995
Music CD "nomadeus" by Aya rl, cover, Pomaton, Poland, Oct 1994
TECH IMAGES magazine, Tech Images International, Paris, Apr 1993
Information Technology Source 1993 - 1994, cover, ACM, USA 1993
TISEA by Takuro Osaka, BT mag., Tokyo, March 1993
Art of the Electronic Age by Frank Popper, Thames and Hudson, UK, 1993
Music CD "Gone..." by Igor Czerniawski/Aya rl, cover, Pomaton, Poland, 1993
DIALOG(English ed.) magazine Gallery , Siemens, Germany, Feb 1993
Informática ataca agora de `arteira' by Rejane Spitz, O GLOBO, Brazil, 25 Jan 1993
NOV'ART mag., Infographique, ART3000, France, Nov 1992
CGW magazine, portfolio, Penwell, USA, Nov 1992
DIALOG(German ed.) magazine Galerie , Siemens, Germany, Aug 1992
CGW Buyers Guide, cover, Penwell, USA, Feb 1992
PIXEL magazine, ZukeiShoriJouhou Center, Japan, Nov 1991
ELEKTRONIK magazine, Elektronikvarlden, Sweden, Nov 1991
Festival Ars Electronica by Annick Bureaud, ART PRESS mag., Paris, Nov 1991
FIRE SYSTEMS magazine, cover, NAFED, USA, Nov 1991
CGW magazine, portfolio, Penwell Pub., USA, July 1991
Pixel magazine, Italy, Feb 1991
Nikkei CG magazine, Nikkei-McGraw-Hill, Tokyo, Jan 1988