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�Wow! What a debunking eye cast by a man of today at the sham glamour of our time!�
Review by Pierre Restany

�A Cybernetic Romance�
Review by Christina Orr-Cahall

�Art of The Future�
Review by Mimmo Rotella

Going for Some Double Fantasy
Review by Clayton Spada



�A Cybernetic Romance�

Christina Orr-Cahall, Executive Director, Norton Museum of Art

Laurence Gartel is an artist who leads his field. In fact, Gartel is defining his field. Computer Art is the new medium of this century.

Photography was the new art form of the nineteenth century, oil paints the invention of the twelfth. In each of these instances the introduction of a new technology changed the way art was created. They also ushered in an entirely new group of artists who were willing to be experimental and work to establish the credibility of an innovative art form. Each of these centuries is remembered for the art produced by its artists using specific technological contributions.

Ironically, often the names of the artists are forgotten. So many unknown photographers capture the startling images of the nineteenth centuries; so many stained glass windows are attributed to workshops or unknown craftsmen. It is not possible to know the full impact that the computer will have on art, but it seems certain that it will grow in force. It is important to look at the beginnings of the art form and to acknowledge those artists who are breaking the new ground. It is also important to distinguish between the artist, the craftsman and the dilettante. The difference is a significant and verifiable one. To be a photographer who steps into the museum world, one must be able to do more than adjust the lens and click the shutter.

To frame up colored glass is not to create the passion of St. Agatha or the caring of St. Francis. There are many people who enjoy the challenge and fun of working with art computer programs but these people are not artists. To take the computer, to manipulate it to your own use, to take it beyond what others have thought or done, to create work which inspires the viewer to enjoy and to think, this is the work of the artist.

The test of time will define the impact of the medium and each individual artists but it is essential that we acknowledge this new work and these new artists.