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Artist's statement

Sue Gollifer is a senior lecturer in Fine Art/Printmaking in School of Arts and Communication in the Faculty of Arts and Architecture at the University of Brighton, UK.

She is presently seconded .5 of her time to work in the Research and Development Unit (ITRDU) at the London Institute. Her primary research is on the impact of new technology within the practice of Fine Art and she has presented a number of evaluative and analytical papers on this subject at major international conferences.

She has been a professional artist / printmaker for over 30 years, exhibiting her work regularly throughout the world and her work is held in major international public collections.

She is the curator of the first, second and third UK international exhibition of electronic prints ArCade I, II and most recently ArCade III. (2002) which is presently touring the UK.

She is on the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery committee 2002.

This is an archive of the Digital Art Museum for historical reference.
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Master of Arts, Academic Practice (part time), 2001, University of Brighton
Postgraduate, Printmaking, Brighton Polytechnic
Dip AD, Fine Art/Painting, Lanchester Polytechnic
Foundation Certificate, Scarborough Technical College

Awards and exhibitions

2002 - Arts and Humanities Research award. To archive the ISEA, International Symposium of Electronic Art, Conference proceedings & associated Art Exhibitions, Performances and Web sites. To make them accessible on the www for use for scholarly and research purposes.

2002 - Four Square Enabling Group, Lottery grant (RALP), South East Arts (SEA) and University Faculty Research Fund
Opposite Corners To enable mature artists to work in a new medium, not usually available to them. Working with an industrial factory to produce - 2 Enamel Panel's

2001 - Arts and Humanities Research award. exhibition and related research ArCade III

1998 - Digital Imaging Award, The Gallery of the Future, Loughborough University & Arts Council of Great Britain To Produce and research and the development of a suite of Digital prints, The Digital Printmaking Atelier

1995 - CAA Foreign/Travel Interdisciplinary Grant. College Art Association Conference, Boston, USA. Conference Paper: Et in Arcadia, Electronic Printmaking


CADE, Computer in Art & Design Education, UK- VICE Chair 1999 -2002

DACS, Design and Artists Copyright Society, UK - Council of Management 2000 - 2002

CAA, College Arts Association, USA - Education Committee - 2000 - 2002

Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS)

Visual Arts Data Service (VADS) - Executive Committee 1999 - 2002

Distributed National Electronic Resources (DNER), Designing Britain - Management Committee 2000 - 2002

Distributed National Electronic Resources (DNER Xgrain, EDINA) - Advisory Panel 2000 - 2002

Digital Creativity, published by SWETS ZEITLINGER Editorial Board 1998 - 2002

ACM, Association for Computing Machinery, SIGGRAPH, USA

ISEA, International Symposium on Electronic Art 1995 - 2002

Printmaker Council of Great Britain Member - 1970 - 2002

Commissions and exhibitions

One-Person Exhibitions

2002 Recent Prints, Colville Place Gallery, London

1995 Screen Works, University of Sussex

1972 Serpentine Gallery, London

1971 York University

Selected Group Exhibitions

2002 - DACS Exhibition, CISAC Biennial World Congress, London

2002 - Two Wired Women, LeValle Gallery, Novorsbirsk, Russia

2002 - In-print, Howard Gardens Gallery, UWIC, Cardiff

2002 - ArCade III, James Hockey Gallery, Farnham, Surrey

2002 - ArCade III, New Greenham Arts Centre, Berkshire

2002 - ArCade III, London Guildhall Gallery, London

2002 - ArCade III, Levall Gallery, Novorsbirsk, Russia

2002 - ArCade III, International Art Festival, 'Tengri Umai', Alma-Ata, Russia

2002 - In-print, Howard Gardens Gallery, UWIC, Cardiff

2002 - ArCade III, James Hockey Gallery, Farnham, Surrey

2002 - ArCade III, New Greenham Arts Centre, Berkshire

2001 - Proof, KIAD staff and invited artists, The George Rodger Gallery, Kent Institute Six from the sixities, The Meeting House, Illminster, Sommerset

2001 - In-print Ferens Museum , Hull

2001 - ArCade III Glasgow School of Art, Scotland

2001 - ArCade III Gray's School of Art

2001 - Joining the Dots , London Institute, London

2001 - World of Print Bronx River Art Gallery, Bronx, New York

2001 - Relativities 4th British International Minature Print Exhibition - Loughborough University

2000 - Different Worlds of Printmaking, University of Conneticut, USA

2000 - Relativities, 4th British International Minature Print Exhibition, London

2000 - BitStream, Novorsibirsk Picture Museum, Russia

2000 - Art for the Millennium, Colville Place Gallery, London

1999 - Digital traces, Mercer Gallery, New York USA

1999 - Digital'99, Galerie Der Gegenwart, Wiesbaden, Germany

1999 - GAMUT, Cleveland Gallery, Teesside

1999 - GAMUT, Colville Place Gallery, London

1999 - The Digital Muse, Wellseley College, Masachusust, USA

1999 - BitStream Le Vale Gallery, Novorsibirsk, Siberia, Russia

1999 - The Third International Miniature Print Exhibition: Seattle, USA

1999 - Novosibirsk International Contemporary Easel Graphic Biennial - 99, Russia

1998 - The Third International Minature Print Exhibition: Bankside Gallery

1998 - A decade of Printmaking at Camberwell, London

1998 - ArCade II, Novosibirsk Picture Gallery, Siberia, Russia

1998 - 6th Biennale of Easel Graphic Art, Kaliningrad-Konigsberg'98, Russia

1998 - Links & Connections, L-Gallery, Moscow, Russia

1998 - Links & Connections, Reg Vardy Gallery, Sunderland

1998 - Under Construction, Gallery of the Future, Loughborough University

1997 - A bunch of Digital Art, New Jersey, USA

1997 - ArCade II, University of Brighton, Brighton

1997 - ArCade II, University of Derby, Derby

1997 - ArCade II, Kensington & Chelsea College, London

1997 - The Third International Minature Print Exhibition City Gallery Leicester

1997 - The Third International Minature Print Exhibition Handel House Contemporary Gallery, Devizes

1997 - The Third International Minature Print Exhibition Rye Art Gallery, Rye

1997 - The Third International Minature Print Exhibition Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth

1997 - Transformations & Innovations, Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield

1996 - ArCade1, Wakefield College of Art

1996 - ArCade1, University of Central Lancashire, Preston

1996 - ArCade1, Mercer Gallery, Harrogate

1996 - ArCade1, Falmouth College of Art

1996 - Impressions, Rye Art Gallery, Sussex

1995 - The British International Miniature Print Exhibition The Bankside Gallery, Blackfriars, London

1995 - 30 Years of The PMC , Durham Light Infantry Museum & Art Gallery

1995 - 14th International Mini Print Art Centre Seoul, Korea

1995 - ArCade1, University of Brighton, Grand Parade, Brighton

1995 - ArCade1 Digital Dreams, Newcastle College

1995 - ArCade1 Wakefield College

1995 - Fusion, Hardware Gallery, London

1994 - International Exhibition of Graphic Art, '4 Block', Kharkov, Ukraine

1994 - National Print Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London

1994 - The Big Thaw, Printmaking Open '94, Brighton Art Index, Brighton

1994 - Contemporary Prints, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle

1994 - Estampes D'Outre Manche, Mus´┐Że Atelier Adzak, Paris

1994 - British International Miniature Print Exhibition, City Gallery, Leicester

1994 - National Open Print Exhibition, Scarborough Art Gallery, Yorkshire

1994 - National Open Print Exhibition, Lethaby Gallery, Central St Matins, London

1994 - 14th Mini Print, International Cadaques, Spain

1994 - 14th Mini Print, Wingfield Music Festival, Wingfield

1994 - 14th Mini Print, Canet de Mar, Barcelona, Spain

1994 - Twelve Contemporary British Printmakers, Karelian Republic Art Museum

1994 - Twelve Contemporary British Printmakers, Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia

1994 - Media Lounge, ISEA, Helsinki, Finland

1994 - BCAA Digital Arts, Exhibition, Mall Gallery, London

1994 - International Miniature Exhibition, Intaglio Gallery, London

Virtual Exhibitions

1999 - Digital Traces

1999 - Digital Muse

1998 - ArCade II in Novorsibisk, Russia

1998 - ArCade II in Kaliningrad, Russia

1997 - ArCade II

1997 - Untitled Gallery

1996 - InSite, Watershed Gallery, Bristol

1995 - Art Aids

Public collections include

Billingham Art Gallery
British Council Collection
Buckingham Education Committee
Cambridge Art Gallery
East Sussex County Council
Guildford Art Gallery
Ferrens Art Gallery, Hull
Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry
Hove Museum of Art
Museum of Kharkov, Ukraine
The Open University
Scarborough Museum of Art
South East Arts Collection
South London Gallery
Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne
University of Sussex
University of York
Victoria & Albert Museum

Key Note Presentations at Conferences include: 1994 - 2002

2003 - CAA, College Arts Association, 91st Annual Conference, New York, USA
Educational and Professional Practices Committees
Online Education: Teaching, Learning and Professional concerns

Reproducing Likeness: To change the Teaching of Print Media.
The impact of new technology on the nature of Teaching Printmaking in the 21st Century

2002 - Net for Learning 2002 Conference, Ronneby, Sweden
EASA, The European Academic Software Awards - a biennial competition for developers of academic software, within higher education and research in Europe.
Seeing Drawing

2002 - CHART, Computers in History Art Conference, The British Academy, London
Digital Art History? Exploring Practice in a Network Society,
Designing Britain Archive, JISC - DNER Project

2002 - ELIA 7th, European League of Institutes of the Arts, Dublin, Ireland
Panel - eLearning and Distance Learning in arts pedagogy
Seeing Drawing

2002 - ALT-C 2002: 9th International conference of the Association for Learning Technology, University of Sunderland, UK
Learning Technologies for Communication
Seeing Drawing

2002 - College Arts Association, Philadelphia, USA
Segregation or Integration panel
Seeing Drawing
Paradigms for Teaching Digital and Other New Technologies

2001 - HAN, Humanities in the Arts Network, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
Bits & Bytes:
Collaborating together in Fine Art printmaking

2001 - ALT-C 2001 Edinburgh University
Seeing Drawing
Changing Learning Environments

2001 - IMPACT- 2nd International Conference on Printmaking, Helsinki

2001 - SIGGRAPH Conference, Los Angeles
Seeing Drawing
Education Panel

2001 - Joint ASTER/OxTALENT conference on educational technology, Oxford University
Sense of Place
Shock of the Old: A Fresh Look at Innovation and Information Technology in University Teaching

2001 - ALT-C 2000,UMIST Manchester, UK
Open Circuits:
New Mechanisms for Working together in Art & Design

2000 - DRH, Digital Resources for Humanities, Sheffield, UK
Digital Image Collections for Teaching and Learning in Art & Design

2000 - Creativity Conference, Northumbria, UK
How can we still retain the nature of our creativity in an increasingly digital commercial global economy?

1999 - International Conference on the Visualization in Arts, Los Angeles, USA
JIDI, JISC Image Digitisation Initiative

1999 - CADE'99, Computers in Art & Design Education, University of Teesside
The uses of Networking in Art & Design Education

1999 - Cultures of Distance, Symposium on T&L in Art & Design on the www
University of Westminster
A postcard from Brighton

1999 - SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles, USA
Panel: Large Format & New Processes

1998 - 86th CAA Conference, Toronto
Printmaking; Above and Below the Surface
Global collaborative Printmaking

1998 - International Women's' week, Surfers Paradise, Brighton
Making Art on Line

1998 - International Symposium on electronic Art, ISEA'98 Manchester, Liverpool

1998 - Symposium of Prints & Drawings Kaliningrad- Konigsberg'98, Russia
Printmaking Education in the UK

1998 - College Arts Association, CAA's, Los Angeles, USA
Using Multi Media - in the Visual Arts

1997 - 85th CAA' Conference, New York
Computers in the Visual arts

1997 - Wired Women', a Celebration of Women in Digital Technology, UniversityPortsmouth, UK
The WIICA web

1997 - Digital Creativity CADE, Brighton, UK
1. global collaborations
2. The impact of Digital Technology on International Printmaking

1997 - 'New Fields in Fine Art', Kensington & Chelsea, London, UK
Electronic Printmaking, ArCade II

1997 - Communiversity Conference:
Public Art, Technology and Education, London
Figuring it out.....

1997 - DRH, Digital Resources for Humanities Conference, Oxford
Why CTI?

1996 - 84th College Arts Association Conference, Boston, USA
The State of International Printmaking

1996 - Royal Photographic Association, Holography Group
Computer Art

1996 - 'SplitScreen', Conference, Chichester, UK
Is the 'World Wide Web' the 'Gallery of Babylon'?

1996 - Digital Arts Day, Visual arts UK, Gateshead
Digital art

1996 - LTDI, Learning Technology Dissemination Initiative, Workshop, Dundee University
Transaction at a Distance: collaborative work on the Internet

1995 - 'Digital Creativity' CADE, Brighton, UK
Artists and the Internet

1995 - 'The Net Result is Art' 3rd Digital Dreams Conference, Newcastle
1.What are the options for artists presenting work on the Internet'
2. If a million artists each have their own Internet site, who will serve as arbiter of taste? If the culture industry won't curate a flood of unmarketable art who will?

1994 - 3rd International Symposium of Electronic Art, ISEA, Helsinki, Finland
'Artist's in Cyberculture', a round table discussion of 'Nethics'

1994 - 'New visions of the post-industrial society'. The University of Brighton
Virtuality and networking
A collaborative paper with Colin Beardon and Suzette Worden

1994 - 2nd World Wide Web Conference, Chicago, USA
Imaging the future