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Some examples of recent Published Journal Articles, Conference Papers: 1994 - 03

2003 - Commissioned book - The Art of Screenprinting, Crowood Press. - Deadline April 2003 (pending)

2003 - Generative computation and the arts Artists Space Digital Creativity: Volume 13 Number 3 Published by Swets & Zeitlinger (pending)

2002 - Pricing Prints Printmaking Today: November Published by Farrand Press

2002 - ALT-C 2002 Conference Proceedings
Learning Technologies for Communication
Seeing Drawing

2002 - Bits & Bytes 'Collaborating together in Fine Art printmaking' HANS, Humanities in the Arts Publication, Open University

2001 - In-Print, evolution in contemporary printmaking Commissioned Critical Essay - for catalogue published by Hull Museum and Art Gallery Technical Matters - The Nature of The Print. How recent digital and /or safe practice affects current printmaking practices

2001 - Interrogating the surface. The nature of surface within digital printmaking Printmaking: A history of technological mediation
CD Rom Published by The London Institute.

2001 - CADE 2001 Conference proceedings & CD Rom ArCade III Published by Glasgow School of Art

2000 - Artists Space: ArCade III Digital Creativity: Volume 12 Number 1 Published by Swets & Zeitlinger

2000 - Printmaking Education in a Digital Age Printmaking Today: Summer 2000-02-17 Published by Farrand Press

2000 - GAMUT: Exhibition
Panel: Collaborative Learning in Art & Design: New Mechanisms for working together Conference proceedings' & CD-ROM.-CADE'99 Conference Produced by University of Teesside & London Institute ITRDU

2000 - Artists Space :Collaborative Internet Projects Digital Creativity: Volume 11 Number 1 Published by Swets & Zeitlinger

1999 - Printmaking: A history of technological mediation Published by Camberwell College of Arts and Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

1999 - Artists Space :GAMUT Digital Creativity: Volume 10 Number 4 Published by Swets & Zeitlinger

1999 - CTIAD News Sheet (Spring / Summer 1999) Designer & Editor, published by University of Brighton

1999 - JIDI, JISC, Imaging Digitisation Initiative. OutLine, CTIAD Journal Vol. 8 Published by the University of Brighton

1999 - Artists Space, Digital Creativity: Volume 10 Number 1 Published by Swets & Zeitlinger

1998 - CTIAD News Sheet (Spring & Summer 1998) Designer & Editor, published by University of Brighton

1998 - Artists Space Digital Creativity: Volume 9 Number 3 Published by Swets & Zeitlinger

1998 - Digital Brighton exports art revolution to Siberia Times Higher: Multi Media Section- June 12 1998

1997 - The impact of Digital Technology on International Printmaking Global Collaborations' Conference proceedings - CADE Conference April '97

1997 - Review of ISEA Conference OutLine, CTIAD publication

1997 - Boullier, B & Gollifer, S (1997) IA review of IBM PC and Macintosh Image Manipulation Software AGOCG Technical report Series 35

1997 - Is the world wide web- The Gallery of Babel? Conference Papers- Split Screen, Chichester, July 1996

1997 - Beardon, C. Gollifer,S. Rose, C & Worden, S Computer Use by Artists and Designers: Some Perspectives on Two Design Traditions; Computer and Design in Context MIT Press

1996 - Gollifer, S & Hartney, MSymmetry and contradictions Artists Profile: 'Sue Gollifer' Printmaking Today'

1996 - State of International Printmaking' Conference proceedings, 84th CAA conference, Boston, USA

1996 - The application of electronic tools to printmaking', YLEM, artists using science technology

1996 - 'Computer Art', The Royal Photographic Society Newsletter, December 1996

1996 - Review of SplitScreen Conference' OutLine, CTIAD publication

1995 - Beardon, C. Gollifer,S & Worden, S. Virtuality and networking: issues of identity and community Conference proceedings - New visions of the post-industrial society

1995 - ProNet Women & the Internet a collaborative CD-ROM. Funded by the Swiss Government.

1995 - 'ArCade I', Virtual Galleries' Conference proceedings' & CD-ROM.- CADE Conference

1995 - Beardon, C., Gollifer, S., Rose, C. & Worden, S. Designers as Users Third Decennial Conference, Arhus, Denmark. August

1995 - 'Soft Options ' Software applications which are designed to provide on-screen tools and functions.... Artist's Newsletter September 1995

1994 - Colourful Computing Artist's Newsletter. August 1994

1994 - Imaging the future. Proceedings of the World Wide Web Conference October Chicago, USA.

1994 - 1. Defining the limits of metaphor.... 2. The uses of networking..... Art and design Case studies, AGOCG Technical report 26.