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Mike KING    


Artists statement

Space and Light are the 'prior given' of human experience. Virtual Visions explores this idea through images and writings. The images, exhibited as fine art prints, are created with the artist's own software, called RaySculpt. This enables an exploration of the physics and metaphysics of space and light through programming the computer, itself an embodiment of mankind's discoveries of the laws of nature.

Further details on the work are available on the Virtual Visions Website. The full scope of King's research is archived at Mike King's website.


This is an archive of the Digital Art Museum for historical reference.
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Born July 18 1953 London (UK)
Lives and works in London
Reader in Computer Art and Animation,
London Guildhall University, 1986 -

Mike King

Solo Shows

September 1999
Colville Place Gallery, London. (Twenty five prints.)

September 1999
Integrated Learning Resource Centre, London Guildhall University, London. (Twenty prints.)

November 1999
New Greenham Arts, Newbury. (Twenty five prints.)

March 2000
Corporate Headquarters Nova Data, Frankfurt, Germany. (Sixteen prints.)

June 2000
Le Vall Art Gallery, Novosibirsk, Russia. (Twenty four prints.)

Group Shows

August 1988
Cleveland Computer Art exhibition travelling show. (Two prints.)

October 1988
First International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Utrecht Holland. (Four prints.)

October 1989
Electronic Print show at the Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol. (Four prints.)

October 1989
First British International Miniature Print Exhibition at the City Gallery in Bristol: won first prize in the computer-generated print category. (Three prints.)

November 1990
Computer Graphics Gallery, CG'90 Blenheim Online exhibition, works seen on BBC TV. (Four prints.)

October 1990
Second International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Groningen, Holland. (Two prints.)

August 1991
'El Art' show in Finland. (One print.)

July 1991
SIGGRAPH art show in Las Vegas USA, work appears in Art Show catalogue. (One print.)

Sept 1991
Boston Computer Museum USA. (One print.)

Sept 1991
'Art of Science' Exhibition at the Plymouth Museum and Gallery. (Four prints.)

Sept 1991
'Rencontre d'art infographique 1991' at the Galerie des Breves du Centre de Creation Industrielle au Georges Pompidou, France. (One print.)

April 1995
ArCade electronic print show, Brighton University, travelling the UK '95-'96. Works also published on CD-ROM. (Two prints.)

August 1995
'Programmed == Damned' series exhibited at the Sixth International Symposium of Electronic Arts, Montreal. (Six prints.)

November 1995
Royal Institution, London, in connection with the theme of 'Digital Restoration and Conservation'. (Six prints.)

June 1998
Digital Print Award Exhibition, Croydon. (One print.)

April 1999
'Gamut' international electronic print show, Cleveland Gallery, also at the Colville Place Gallery, London, and shown in Russia November 1999. (One print.)

April 1999
New York Digital Salon, School of Visual Arts, New York, USA. (One print.)

May 1999
19th Mini Print International of Cadaqu�s: Wingfield Arts and Music Festival, Wingfield UK, Taller Galeria Fort, Cadaqu�s, Girona, Spain, L'Etang d'Arts, Bages, France, tours until Jan 2000. (Four prints.)

October 1999
'Affordablism', Battersea Park, London. (Five prints.)

November 1999
Contemporary Print Fair, London. (Four prints.)

December 1999
'Bitstream' international electronic print show, Levall Gallery Novosibirsk, Russia; also at The Historical Museum, Novosibirsk. (One print.)

January 2000
New York Digital Salon, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain, (touring show with further venues in Europe until end 2000). (One print.)

January 2000
Marks and Spencers corporate headquarters, London. (Five prints.)

January 2000
'Relativities' 4th International Miniature Print Exhibition, Bankside Galleries, London, and a further 8 venues in the UK. (One print.)

February 2000
Colville Place Gallery, London. (Four prints.)

June 2000
'Digital 2000' Galerie der Gegenwart, Wiesbaden, Germany. (Five prints.)

November 2000
Digital Art Museum at the European Banking Technology Fair 2000, Frankfurt, Germany. (Eight prints.)

March 2001
Colville Place Gallery, London. (Five prints.) October 2001 'Soho 601', London. (Five prints.)

October 2001
New Greenham Arts, Newbury. (Five prints.)

December 2001
Ninth New York Digital Salon, followed by international venues. (One print.)