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James Faure Walker
Born 1948

Studied painting at St Martins Dip AD 1966-70
Studied aesthetics (XVIIIc) at the Royal College of Art MA RCA 1970-72
Executed wall-drawings for Sol Le Witt at ICA and Lisson Gallery 1969-71
Organised gallery at Conway Hall for shows including Ian McKeever, 1974
Organised studio forums with Ben Jones for artists to discuss their work 1974-75
Co-founded Artscribe Magazine 1976
Editor and designer Artscribe magazine 1977-83
Curated British section, delivered paper at Marseille Art Present 1983
Research for curating exhibitions of 2-D computer work, and works from the 1995 studios of East London (project for Austin Desmond Gallery, London)
Research for curating exhibition Iconic Gardens (with Paul Neagu, Sean McCrum) of art bringing East/West Europe traditions together 1995-1997
Curating 'Cyberlight', art/computer exhibition at the Croydon 1995
Clocktower, London, and editing publication with 12 essays (project cancelled Feb 1996)
Jury member of the Art Foundation �10,000 Painting Award 1996
UK representative and correspondent ISEA 1995-8
Commissoned to research painting project for BBC NewsCentre 1996-9
Participant in PhD project'Other Educated Persons' by Anne Baker of Birkbeck College, University of London, covering artists working in the East End of London from 1972 to 1995, featured in web site 1998
Curating Silent Motion exhibition ( Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston) on Muybridge theme 2001
Awarded AHRB Major Research Fellowship (3 years based at kingston University) for project (including book) on 'Painting and the Digital Studio' 2002

one-man exhibitions

Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester 1985
Vortex Gallery, London 1987
Mariani Gallery, Greeley, Colorado, USA 1996
TASIS (US college in London) 1997
Colville Place Gallery, London 1998
Galerie der Gegenwart, Wiesbaden, Germany 2000
Colville Place Gallery, London 2000
Galerie der Gegenwart, Wiesbaden, Germany 2001
Entory, Frankfurt, Germany 2001

group exhibitions

Stowell`s Trophy (commended prize) 1969
Artists` Market 1973
Space Open Studios 1973
Space Open Studios 1975
Courtauld Institute 1975
Artists` Market 1976
Stowell`s Trophy (as previous award winner) Royal Academy 1979
Hayward Annual (exhibiting selector) 1979
Style in the Seventies, Artscribe touring exhibition (Arnolfini, etc) 1979
14 Artists, Somerville College, Oxford, (selected by Jennifer Durrant) 1980
Whitechapel Open 1980
AIR Gallery (Space Auction) 1980
Whitechapel Open 1982
John Moores XIII, Liverpool 1982
Whitechapel Open 1983
Serpentine Summer Show II 1983
Critic`s Space, AIR Gallery (selected by Tim Hilton) 1983
Whitechapel Open 1984
Camberwell Staff Show, South London Art Gallery 1984
The Underwater Show, Plymouth Arts Centre 1984
Whitechapel Open 1985
Space Open Studios 1986
Vortex Gallery (with Noel Forster, Paul Davie) 1987
Patricia Knight Gallery 1987
Todd Gallery 1988
Artists in National Parks, Victoria and Albert Museum (touring) 1988
Art and Computers, Middlesbrough 1988
Coach-house Gallery, Kirkby Lonsdale 1989
SISEA (Second International Symposium on Electronic Art),
Groningen, Holland 1990
The Postmodern Print, Victoria and Albert Museum 1991
Space Open Studios 1993
FISEA, Minneapolis, USA 1993
Whitechapel Open 1994
Space Open Studios 1994
Golden Plotter, Computerkunst, Gladbeck, Germany (touring) 1994
CADE, Brighton 1995
SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles, USA 1995
Francis Colburn Gallery, Burlington, Vermont USA 1995
Marks and Spencer, London 1995
Digital Arts II, London 1995
Columbus College, Georgia USA 1996
ISEA, Rotterdam, Holland 1996
Electrifying Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA 1996
Golden Plotter, Computerkunst, Gladbeck, Germany (touring to Austria) 1996
Space Open Studios 1996
Digital Arts III 1996
Arcade II, Brighton University, touring 1997
Group show, Colville Place Gallery 1997
Space Open Studios 1998
Computerkunst, Gladbeck, Germany (touring to Austria)
Winner of 'Golden Plotter ' Prize 1998
SIGGRAPH, Orlando, Florida, USA 1998
Group show, Colville Place Gallery 1998
Gamut, Teeside 1999
Dream Centenary, Aizu, Tokyo, Japan 1999
Disseny o art? Caligrama Merce Marques Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 1999
Digital Traces, 55 Mercer Gallery, New York, USA 1999
SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles, USA 1999
Galerie der Gegenwart, Weisbaden, Germany 1999
Eurographics, Milan, Italy 1999
The Digital Muse, Wellesley College, Boston, USA 1999
Mixed show, Colville Place Gallery 1999
Studio Show, SPACE, Martello St 1999
SIGGRAPH, travelling show, USA 1999
Nova Data, Frankfurt, Germany 1999
Bit Stream, Le Vall Gallery, Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia 1999
Cross-Currents, Lloyds of London 1999
Affordable Art Show, London 1999
Zurich Art Fair, Switzerland 1999
The Contemporary Print Fair, London 1999
Five by Twenty, Stanley Picker Gallery, University of Kingston 1999 (touring to Germany, Michigan, New Orleans, Buenos Aires ) 2000
Marks and Spencer, London 2000
Page Gallery, Zurich Switzerland 2000
CG Media Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan 2000
Golden Plotter winners, Innovation Centre, Gladbeck, Germany 2000
The Historical Museum, Novorsibirsk, Siberia Russia 2000
Innsbruk Art Fair, Austria 2000
Group Show, Colville Place Gallery, London 2000
DArt 2000, University of London 2000
London Group, Lethaby Gallery 2000
Digital Secrets, Arizona State University, USA 2000
Arcade III, Glasgow 2001
Silent Motion, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston 2001
Silent Motion, Colville Place Gallery 2001
Siggraph, Los Angeles, USA 2001
5 x 20, Oldenburg, Germany 2001
London Group, Woodlands Gallery 2001
London Group, Stark Gallery 2001
5 x 20 Loyola University, New Orleans, USA 2001
Innsbruk Art Fair, Austria 2002
Frankfurt Art Fair, Germany 2002
Computerkunst, Gladbeck, Germany 2002
Siggraph, San Antonio, Texas, USA 2002


Victoria and Albert Museum (on permanent display in XXc Gallery)
Leicester Education Authority
Arthur Andersen
DuArt, New York, USA
Columbus College, Georgia, USA
Museum of Gladbeck, Germany
private collections in UK, USA, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Australia
Sidell Gibson architectural practice
Oldenburg, Germany
computer works on loan to Cable and Wireless, London