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"The jury chose James Faure Walker in 1998 to win the Golden Plotter Award '98 because of his unique and consequently used ideas of artistic perception of our everyday lives. Collage in its historical sense is being extended by confronting and uniting digital urban abstracts with drawing and painting by means of the tools of a computer. The prints are reality, thoughts and illusions all in one, a comment and point of view through the eyes of the artist. Looking at them is not just viewing static graphics but more a walk along places and situations, meeting people, staying, thinking, dreaming at one time comparing a movie. "

Dr. W. Schneider 5/98, Computerkunst Catalogue introduction, Gladbeck, Germany (his translation).

"Based on digital photographs, often loosely linked by painterly, expressionistic gestures, his prints range from photomontages to painterly and almost abstract images. The best prints seem to possess a remarkable richness of surface .. a tapestry effect built up from a multitude of overlapping layers...James is eloquent about the information revolution, towards which the art establishment is displaying all the awareness of an ostrich with its head in the sand.... he feels that the computer is at last breaking down the barriers between Fine Arts and other disciplines."

Brian Ashbee 'Computers - the Last Frontier? Art Review, June 1998, London.

"...with their inbuilt uncertainty, their deployment of a large number of colours, their insistence that balance should be wobbly at best, they testify to a new set of preoccupations; not with easy representation, or the trickery of illusion but a state of perpetual discontinuity where metamorphosis is the norm and alternative versions of the same state of affairs multiply in the mind. Am I speaking of the paintings? Or the position in which they place the viewers?... Faure Walker`s paintings show that it is high time to weigh the consequences of "New Art" with its academy of contemporary masters. His doubt may lead to one of those careers which bridges older and newer practice, and which opens more doors than it closes."

Stuart Morgan 'James Faure Walker at the Whitworth' Artscribe, September/October 1985, London.

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