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Dust Cart 2001

    James Faure Walker (UK) b 1948

Faure Walker studied painting at St Martins (1966-70) and aesthetics at the Royal College of Art (1970-72). Since 1988 he has been integrating computer graphics into his painting. He has exhibited in Holland, Germany, Austria, Spain, the USA, Japan, Russia and in numerous computer art festivals. In 1998 he won the 'Golden Plotter' prize in Germany.

Faure Walker was a founder of Artscribe magazine in 1976 and editor for eight years. His writings have also appeared in Wired, Studio International, Modern Painters, Mute, Computer Generated Imaging, Art Review, and in catalogues for the Tate, Barbican, Siggraph, and Computerkunst. He is Senior Research Fellow in Fine Art at Kingston University; in 2002 he won a major AHRB fellowship for research into painting and the digital studio.

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